About Application Development

GMMSPL provides Application Development & Maintenance services that enhance performance of customer’s IT system. Our services help organizations to optimize cost, enhance quality and maximize returns from their IT applications. An imperative requirement for organizations, small or large, is identifying, employing and continuously enhancing the right applications that help their business deliver its services effectively and efficiently, while maximizing business value. This includes analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems reducing the system downtime, enhancing the life of systems. The mechanism requires an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the business domain, technology, processes and applications. GMMSPL, with its almost 8 years of experience, offers a wide range of application development and maintenance services.

Our approach to support, sustain and enhance
a project through its complete life cycle includes:
  1. Integrated service delivery Model
  2. Providing comprehensive solutions that are a careful combination of:
    • Application Development
    • Application Maintenance and Support
    • Application Upgradation
  3. Synergetic and iterative processes deploying agile methodologies of delivery
  4. Covering the complete development life cycle with a view to optimizing the return on investments.
  5. Focus on building long term value for customer through strategic partnerships ensuring alignment with customer needs & company goals

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Augmented Reality
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