Die Design &
Manufacturing Features

Cimatron Die Design Features
Data Import
Import customer data and start working immediately
Blank design & forming
Work on forming shapes easily, quickly, and efficiently
Die layout
A dedicated strip design environment to tincrease productivity
Die set design
Load an entire die set fully adapted to your current requirements within seconds
Punch/matrix design
Select from a variety of applicative tools and powerful modelling capabilities to simplify and accelerate punch creation
Catalog Parts
Work with a diverse variety of commercial catalogst
Collision detection & motion analysis
Leverage the 3D design environment to visualize the design in different stages of development and erase errors
Build on drawing templates that incorporate customer specifications
Built-in CAD functionality
Achieve the best machining results powered by built-in CAD functions
Efficient Roughing
Maximize material removal rate and prolong tool life
High-quality finishing
Select from a set of 3 to 5 axis-optimized machining strategies to achieve a high quality surface finish
Full 5-axis capabilities for mold making
Reduce set-up time, shorten machining time, and improve surface quality
Plate machining and drilling
Powerful capabilities and toolpaths to ensure efficient and accurate machining of plates
Simulation and post
processor support- Engage in machining with confidence and predict results on the basis of simulation and post-processor support
NC set-up and tool table reports
Facilitate symmetry of information between NC programmers and the shop floor
Wire EDM programming
Program you wire EDM machines quickly and easily with ample room for custom settings
Electrode Design
Industrial – IoT