About Mesys

A modular calculation software for mechanical engineering that supports the design, optimization, and verification of machine elements, Mesys helps in ascertaining the sizing of machine elements like gears, shafts, bolts, rolling bearings, and more. Employed by companies across 4 continents and 25 countries, Mesys can upgrade the industrial manufacturing process in a standardized as well as custom-made capacity.

rolling bearing analysis
Rolling Bearing Analysis

This type of analysis calculates and verifies the load distribution within the bearing and the bearing life as per the standards of ISO/TS 16281. The calculation evaluates the influence of tilting angles or bearing clearance on bearing life.

shaft calculation
Ball Screws

It calculates the coaxial shaft systems by taking into consideration the nonlinear stiffness of rolling bearings. We also provide shaft strength calculation according to DIN 743 and calculation of natural frequencies.

ball screws

The life of ball screws & load distribution is calculated similar to the ISO/TS 16281 standard. In addition to axial forces, this gives us enough room to consider radial forces & moment load.

shaft systems
Shaft Systems

This is the calculation of shaft systems coupled with gears or belts. Beyond this, the possibilities of shaft calculation are further extended by load spectra, natural frequencies on system level and interfaces that gear calculation programs.

Axial-Radial-Roller bearings

The FEA based calculation for axial-radial-roller bearings considers the deformation of rings for the load distribution within the bearing. Thus far, we are supporting axial-, radial-, angular- and cross-roller bearings.