Mold Design &
Manufacturing Features

Cimatron Mold design Features
Data Import
Import customer data and start working immediately
Use the industry’s quickest and most accurate tool for parting and cavity design
Preliminary mold design
Create quick preliminary 3D designs for customer approval and strategy evaluation
Mold Base Design
Load an entire mold base plate within minutes by using standard and user-defined catalog parts
Core, cavity, & sliders
complete the design of the mold’s core components by leveraging automation
Lifters Design
A dedicated, quick, & applicative tool for lifters to use during the design process
Inserts design
A dedicated, powerful, quick, and applicative tool for inserts to use during the design process
Ejection systems
A dedicated and applicative tool for the ejection systems to power up the design process
Cooling systems design
A dedicated and applicative tool for the cooling channels design to accelerate the design process
Conformal cooling design
An effective and applicative tool to design conformal cooling channels
Runners design
A dedicated and applicative tool for the quick and easy design process of runners
Motion analysis & collision detection
Built-in measurements, analysis, and collision detection capabilities to validate designs
Build on different drawing templates after incorporating customer specifications
ECO management
Effectively analyze, implement, verify, track, & manage engineering change orders (ECOs)
NC Programming
Electrode Design