A software crucial to managing global supply chains in the manufacturing industry, PLM manages the information, processes, and internal collaboration at every step of a product or service’s lifecycle. Data streamlined through this software includes the likes of manufacturing items, parts, products, documents, requirements, engineering change orders, and quality workflows.

About PTC Windchill

A product lifecycle manager like no other!

The process of product development is multifaceted, complex, and needs a host of geographically and sectorally dispersed teams to work together. You can put a method to this madness by incorporating a mechanism to collaborate the teams, help them ascertain value at any point in the manufacturing cycle, and extend real-time inputs to elevate the entire process. Windchill not only fulfills this purpose but also leaves extra space for customization to cater to every alteration and adaptation. Powered by the PLM system, Windchill features a comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality with in-built apps to configure roles and tasks among the manufacturing workforce. This one-stop solution will help you equip even the most geographically scattered teams with secure data access, dynamic data visualization, and modes of collaboration.

Advantages of Windchill:
  • Secure collaboration across teams
  • Role and task-based apps
  • Implementation of closed loop quality
  • Management of Critical-to-Quality (CTQ) characteristics
  • Bill of Material (BOM) transformation to support concurrent engineering

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