About PTC

  • CAD – CREO

The future of product design and development is here!

At the core of good product design is innovation and quality. With its scalable and cost-effective range of 3D CAD product development packages, CREO not only preserves this core but also enriches it with dynamic, affordable and intuitive solutions. Right from generative design and real-time simulation to multibody design and additive manufacturing, CREO equips you with the right technological means to transform your product from an idea to a digital prototype with relative ease.

Advantages of CREO:

  • Generative design for high-quality and cost-effective designs
  • Ansys-powered solutions
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Expanded capabilities to engineer complex functionalities


  • PLM – Windchill

A software crucial to managing global supply chains in the manufacturing industry, PLM manages the information, processes, and internal collaboration at every step of a product or service’s lifecycle. Data streamlined through this software includes the likes of manufacturing items, parts, products, documents, requirements, engineering change orders, and quality workflows.


A product lifecycle manager like no other!

The process of product lifecycle management is multifaceted, complex, and needs a host of dispersed teams to work together. Driving cost efficiency, high levels of quality and compliance, and accelerating time to market, the data governance and traceability provided by product lifecycle management is crucial to business operations. You can put a method to this chaos by incorporating a mechanism to collaborate the teams, help them ascertain value at any point in the manufacturing cycle, deliver supply chain agility and business continuity, and extend real-time inputs. Customized according to every requirement, you can build a foundation for a wide range of new revenue and cost saving opportunities with Windchill.

Powered by the PLM system, Windchill features a comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality to configure roles and tasks among the manufacturing workforce. This one-stop solution will help you equip even the most geographically scattered teams with secure data access, dynamic data visualization, and modes of collaboration. You can also seamlessly integrate our PLM system with ERP, MES, CAD, AR, IoT technologies, and more.

Advantages of Windchill:

  • Secure collaboration across teams
  • Role and task-based apps
  • Implementation of closed loop quality
  • Management of Critical-to-Quality (CTQ) characteristics
  • Bill of Material (BOM) transformation to support concurrent engineering
  • Industrial AR – Vuforia

Within the industrial world, augmented reality helps businesses progress in product design, development, manufacturing, and even after-sales service by leaps and bounds. It uses a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction and accurate 3D registration of real and virtual objects to enable problem solving and better solutions among enterprises.


Bringing your enterprise closer to your business goals!

Building on the strength of AR content development, Vuforia packs cutting-edge technologies to provide process-centered solutions that are easy, fast, and advanced for the changing industrial world. Be it addressing workforce challenges or facilitating a higher degree of problem solving to meet business goals, Vuforia brings the best of the world’s leading Industrial AR software to elevate your workforce’s strength.

Advantages of Vuforia:

  • Advanced computer vision
  • Calibrated performance
  • Cross-platform reach
  • Remote assistance


  • Industrial IoT – ThingWorx

A network of interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices networked together with an industrial computer, Industrial Internet of Things acts as a lever to pull up efficiency and real-time process visibility across sectors like manufacturing, energy management, software-defined production, and so on, for engineers and managers.


Digital Transformation couldn’t get any easier!

An IIoT platform multi-purposed to address your key business challenges, ThingWorx offers end-to-end capabilities for business growth through a smooth transition to digital transformation. It harnesses the complete power of IIoT to solve a host of industrial challenges, right from remote monitoring and service to workforce efficiency and asset optimization. With its pre-built applications and developer tools, the barriers to scalable digital transformation are things of the past for enterprises across industries.

 Advantages of ThingWorx:

  • Pre-built applications and developer tools
  • End-to-end capabilities to facilitate holistic IIoT solutions
  • Accelerated innovation
  • Improved return on investment
  • Better flexibility to accommodate any industrial functions



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