Smart Solutions & Services

The Ultra-Real Virtual Experiences

In the recent past, Augmented and Mixed Reality, in conjunction with the advancements in hardware platforms, has presented a novel and unique way to address the most challenging industrial problems. With interactive content becoming the new normal for disseminating information, trouble shooting, remote assist, complex installations/repairs, worker training etc., industries such as Defense, Industrial Machinery, Heavy Engineering have already begun to unlock the potential of Augmented Reality based solutions.
We at GMMSPL, are fully geared to help our customers integrate Augmented Reality in their processes, be it bringing their new line workers up to speed on complex shop floor tasks, to providing on demand expert assist to clients Globally, or bringing new levels in client engagement. Leveraging our expertise in developing CAD based interactive content; we can now take it a generation forward to integrate a true immersive experience.

Augmented Reality (AR)
Augmented Reality is an audio-visual interactive experience where user is not the part of the experience, but instead is an innate observer. In this, the user is witnessing the simulation in the real world environment, where the object is enhanced through visualization simulation with the backdrop of the existing surrounding. A smart device and/or holo lenses can be used in AR experiences.
Augmented Reality provides flexibility to overlay digital information in real world, enhancing the user experience and allows real world information to be taken into account while experiencing digital information. The focus is primarily around real world objects superimposed with digital data, thus augmenting the overall information, but the interactivity remains only with real world objects.

Industrial machinery faces numerous challenges due to the nature of engagement with clients that include installation, training, troubleshooting and maintenance on a regular basis. Often, special equipment commissioning and operations can be challenging due to:

• Installation and initial setup under expert supervision and skilled manpower at site.
• Machine operators don’t perform routine maintenance checks and tasks due to lack of understanding.
• Change of operators requires repeated training for optimum efficiency and output.
• Downtime can cause critical delays in plant operations.
• Not all field service engineers are familiar with all different machine maintenance & repairs, causing delays in service due unavailability of experts in required location.
• Use of non-prescribed spares/local spares due urgent maintenance calls.
• Inability to understand troubleshooting from maintenance manuals due to complex written instructions/diagrams and terminology.
• Augmented Reality can solve these issues with established ROI.

Service Delivery Model:
• Offshore services
• Onsite support
• Combination of both.
• Dedicated Offshore Design Centre

Smart City
A modern Smart City is one that is safe, convenient, green, and efficient. A smart city offers quality of life in terms of managing Power, Water, Waste, Transportation, Healthcare and Security & Surveillance.
Our Smart City solutions enable this mammoth incoming data from IOT devices to be captured, stored, computed & analysed with high-performance computing and translating data into actionable dashboards and helps active citizen participation to improve the quality of life.

Integrated Command & Control Centre
Smart Security:
With safety and security an imperative for modern life, video-based surveillance has emerged as a fundamental element of safety and law enforcement in urban areas. GMMSPL’s scalable systems in security solutions for City Surveillance Systems, Intelligent Traffic Management Systems (ITMS).
The burgeoning increase in road traffic calls for intelligent transport solutions designed to reduce traffic congestions, improve incident response time, optimize traffic flow and proactively manage traffic conditions. Our smart solutions and systems facilitate to monitor, analyze and even predict traffic patterns by leveraging data from multi-faceted traffic management sources.

Offerings include:
• Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems (ANPR)
• Red Light Violation Detection Systems (RLVD)
• E-challans
• Automated Vehicle Locating Systems (AVLS)
• Variable Message Signs (VMS)
• Parking Availability Systems
• Automated Fare Collection Systems

Connected Citizen Services
Providing e-governance portal with smart dashboards with ease of access for G2C services

Smart Waste Management
Proper waste management plays an integral role in the hygiene and development of any community. Our waste management solutions are comprehensive and cover everything from door-stop collections to disposal, to ensure that the waste generated is effectively removed as an obstacle to growth.

Smart Transport:
Smart City Cloud solutions can help cities use technology to alleviate pain points and make commuting easy and smooth. Passenger information systems provide real time information to passengers using a public transport system. Real-time parking management systems also provide the information related to available parking lots through a publicly displayed electronic sign board. IOT sensors across the city send real time data to the cloud which stores, processes and sends data to relevant information management systems.

Smart Lighting
Using integrated technology, our solutions able to transform street lights into multi-purpose tools that are able to track traffic flows, act as communication arrays, all while consuming efficient amounts of energy, making every road a well-lit path to safety.

Smart Water Solutions
Our Smart Solution platform delivers smarter water management through insights from data to help authorities manage storage & distribution, quality monitoring, waste water treatment and flood control measures.
• Water transmission, treatment, distribution and management
• Municipal used water collection, treatment and reuse
• ‘Unaccounted for Water’ projects to monitor the water loss
• Water Meters

Smart Education:
Our Smart Education solutions can accelerate the process of eLearning wherein students can access tutorials and all learning material anytime and anywhere employing ubiquitous devices. Solution can enable School Management, Cross-Institutional Sharing and Research as well as address the problems of Distance Learning. In a Use Case scenario, teachers can upload their class tutorials, assignments and tests on the cloud server which students will be able to access via Internet using computers and other electronic devices both at home and college 24*7.

Smart Public Safety:
Smart Solution to help Smart Cities reduce traffic deaths, bring efficiency in tracking crime, provide emergency policing and emergency response by capturing data through sensors and processing it in real time. Data can be used to predict criminally active areas and also to protect citizens during emergencies. Sensors deployed across city can provide authorities with real time information on criminal activities to enable time policing.